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This page is not finished yet and may lack substantial information.


Creating a boot device

System installation

Dualboot installation


Set up Network

Changing name of network interfaces

Set up a printer

Set up a scaner


Drop settings

$ su - 
# rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-monitor.conf

Software installation

Basic concepts



Requirements of packages

Package Manager

What is it APT and RPM

Package managment via APT

Package managment via RPM


Software searching

Analogs of Windows soft

See. Analogs of Windows programs

How to find a package according to the program


Administration rights (root, superuser)

Root, superuser - a foremost user in the system. He is a system administrator and has unlimited rights.

With using this account you can manage packages, change system parameters, and change system files (for example, with settings).

With using this account you need to be careful, not to delete or change something necessary - you can destroy a system.

You can log in to root from the console or usual user with increased rights to superuser.

So that the user can increase the superuser rights:

  • he needs will included in group whell
Note: The next method reduces the safety of the system
  • in subsystem "control" for su need to set access for "public"

How to increase the rights to a superuser?


Console converter FFmpeg/Avconv

See FFmpeg commands

Playing MIDI-files in ALT Linux



Network set up via etcnet

See Etcnet start

Site downloading

See Site downloading

Alternative network manager

See Wicd

People with disabilities


See Accessibility


Accelerating the launch of programs

See Prelink

System Restore

See Rescue manuals

Mounting device imges

See Mounting device imges

Chmod/Chown/Control rights

See Control rights

Configure CUPS Printer Manager

See Cups

Updating The OS

see Updating the os

see Kernel update

Гостевой сеанс

См. Гостевой сеанс

Настройка монтирования

См. Fstab

Воссоздание пользователя после умершего /home раздела

См. Воссоздание пользователя на отдельном home-разделе

Локальная сеть в VirtualBox

См. VirtualboxLAN

Просмотр системных логов

См. Journald

Теневое копирование+Точка восстановления

См. Теневое копирование+Точка восстановления

Проверка диска на ошибки

См. Проверка диска на ошибки

Обновление системы

См. Обновление ОС

Обновление ядра

См. Обновление ядра

Даунгрейд ядра

См. Даунгрейд ядра

Планировщик заданий

См. Планировщик заданий


See Swap

Создание сервиса systemd

См. Создание сервиса systemd


Управление пакетами

См. Управление пакетами


See Synaptic

Восстановление поврежденной RPM-базы

См. Восстановление поврежденной RPM-базы


See Appimage

Qemu GUI

See Libvirt

VirtualBox - Simple instructions

See VirtualBox/Quick

Не входящее в репозитории


Analogs of Windows programs

Переход с Chromium на Firefox

См. Переход с Chromium на Firefox


Write ALT Linux image to CD/DVD/USB

See Write

Create boot flash with Windows

See Boot flash with Windows

Apperance themes

See Apperance themes

Console apps

See Via Console

Windows and UTC time

See Windows to UTC

Create device images

See Create device images

Create desktop-file

See Create desktop-file

What is grub?

See Grub