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wine is a piece of software helping you to run windows apps on Linux, BSD, Solaris. Wine's homepage.


I needed a fast way of running some free win32 apps that were not ported to Linux. Also, I needed to run Adobe Photoshop and needed to test web pages built for clients and not only. Needed IE7.


To install wine, you have to run:

  • 32bit:
$ sudo apt-get install i586-libwine.32bit i586-libwine-gl.32bit i586-wine.32bit i586-wine-gecko.32bit
  • 64bit:
$ sudo apt-get install libwine libwine-gl wine wine-gecko

TODO: I wasn't able to run both wine versions at the same time.


Open a terminal window, and run winecfg:

$ winecfg

It will initialize default file tree, and after that we have to set up the following:

  • Under Application tab, set windows version: windows xp
  • Under Drives tab, click autodetect
  • Under Graphics tab, check:
    • Allow the window manager to decorate the windows
    • Allow the window manager to control the windows
    • Vertex shader support: hardware
    • Screen resolution: 96dpi
    • Hit apply, ok

Next time you run it after hitting apply and ok it shout not say:

Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory '/home/youruser', starting in the Windows directory.

If it does, do the following:


Install Internet Explorer 6


Install Internet Explorer 7

$ winetricks allfonts flash
$ winetricks ie7

Hit Restart Now(Recommended) and wait for IE7 to run. How will you run Internet Explorer 7 from now ? Simple !

$ env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

Install different dependencies

In the terminal window, run:

$ winetricks atmlib comctl32.ocx comdlg32.ocx dotnet11 dotnet20 droid eufonts fontfix fontsmooth-rgb gdiplus msxml6 vcrun2003 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun6 vcrun6sp6 wsh56js

eufonts are good for romanian, bulgarian. Also, if you need Visual Basic apps, run:

$ winetricks vb2run vb3run vb4run vb5run vb6run wsh56vb

You can also change the DirectDrawRenderer as needed:

  • GDI
$ winetricks ddr=gdi
  • OpenGL
$ winetricks ddr=opengl

Note that for OpenGL you will need your video drivers installed.

Installing Adobe Photoshop 7


Installing Adobe Photoshop 8 (CS)


End notes

  • TODO dotnet20sp2 msi2 vcrun2010
  • comctl32 breaks IE7.