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The Tenth Platform p10 (Aronia), a new stable branch of ALT repositories, created and developed within the framework of Sisyphus project by ALT Linux Team, is designed to develop, test, distribute, update and support complex solutions at all levels — from embedded devices to enterprise servers and data centers. The Tenth Platform is supported by Basealt SPO LLC.

What's new?

Architectures supported by the Tenth Planform

Synchronous p10 builds are made for these five main architectures:

  • 64-bit x86_64, aarch64 and ppc64le
  • 32-bit i586, armh (armv7hf)

There is no p10 branch made for the 32-bit mipsel architecture; mipsel is supported in p9 for the specified term.

Also, builds are made for these three versions of the proprietary 64-bit "Elbrus" architecture:

  • e2k (v3, 4С) and e2kv4 (8С/1С+)
  • the new e2kv5 (8СВ)

p10 branching for the e2k architectures is planned for September 2021.

p10 branching for the RISC-V64 architecture is planned for mid-2021.

Realtime kernels

There are two Realtime kernels built for the x86_64 architecture: Xenomai and Real Time Linux.

OpenUDS — a solution for VDI

OpenUDS is a multiplatform connection broker for virtual desktops and apps administration and deployment. VDI's user selects a template using a browser and, via a client (RDP, X2Go), connects to their desktop on a terminal server or a virtual machine in a cloud OpenNebula.

Expansion of the group policies set

Group policies support gsettings options for configuring the Mate and XFCE desktop environments.

Active Directory Management Center

admс is a graphic application for administering users, groups and group policies of Active Directory domains, similar to Remote Server Administration Tools for Microsoft Windows.


Expansion of the deploy platform

The Deploy platform is designed for roles deployment and tuning (e.g. PostgreSQL or Moodle). The following roles were added:

  • apache
  • mariadb
  • mediawiki
  • moodle
  • nextcloud

At that, it is possible to change administrator password for the Template:Term, Template:Term and Template:Term roles without having to take care about its internal implementation in this or that web application.


Alterator-multiseat, a module for setting up multiseat configuration.

Support for motherboards based on Baikal-M processors

Support for the tf307-mb board based on the Baikal-m processor (BE-M1000) with the S-D and MB-A0 revisions with SDK-M-5.2. Also, support for the Lagrange LGB-01B (mini-ITX) motherboard.

Versions of subsystems and packages

Repositories of the Tenth Platform shall be updated during the support period. At the moment of the official p10 announcement, they include without limitation:

Software Version
Linux kernel (std-def) 5.10.51
Linux kernel (un-def) 5.12.18
Real Time Linux kernel (rt) 5.10.47
Realtime Xenomai kernel (xenomai) 4.19.192
Linux kernel (ovz-el7) 3.10.0-1160.31.1.vz7.181.9
systemd 249.1
sysvinit 2.88
GNU Libc 2.32
selinux 3.2
GCC 10.3.1
LLVM 12.0 and 11.01
Python 3.9.6 and 2.7.18
Perl 5.34.0
PHP 8.0 and 7.4
Ruby 2.7.3
Rust 1.53
.NET Core 6.0
Node 14.17.2
X.Org Server 1.20.12
Mesa 21.1.5
GNOME 40.3
KDE Frameworks 5.84.0
KDE Plasma Desktop 5.22.3
MATE 1.24.1
Xfce 4.16.0
Enlightenment 0.24.2
Cinnamon 5.0.3
LXQt liblxqt 0.17.0
GNUstep gnustep-base 1.28.0
Deepin 5, deepin-desktop-base 2021.06.16
IceWM 2.6.0
Firefox 90.0.1, firefox-esr 78.12.0
Thunderbird 78.12.0
Chromium 91.0.4472.164, chromium-gost 91.0.4472.114
LibreOffice LibreOffice-still
Rosegarden 21.0.6
Calligra 3.2.1
GCompis-qt 1.1
Samba 4.14.6 (with samba-dc)
Bash 4.4.23
BIND 9.11.32
CUPS 2.3.3
dhcp 4.4.2
Apache httpd 2.4.48
nginx 1.20.1
MariaDB 10.4.20
PostgreSQL 13.3, 12.6 for 1C
Postfix 3.6.0
Dovecot 2.3.14
SOGo 5.1.1
OpenSSL 1.1.1k
GTK+ 3.24.30
Qt 5.15.2
Tomcat 9.0.45
Docker 20.10.7
PVE 6.3.3
Kubernetes 1.20.8
OpenNebula 5.10.5
OpenUDS 3.0.0
Ansible 2.9.24
Puppet 7.9.0

Contents and versions of other packages are available on the website.

Get started with the Tenth Platform repositories quickly

Starter kits

Those who prefer to independently choose the components of the system and its design, can start working with the new platform using small installation images with different desktop environments. To implement this style of work with the repositories of the Tenth Platform, the starter kits for the x86_64, i586, aarch64, armh architectures have been created and made available (Cinnamon, GNOME, IceWM, KDE5, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, GNUstep, Xfce desktop environments, as well as a minimal installer (JeOS), and a server installer; the options in bold are available in builds for all supported architectures).

The Cinnamon, LXQt, MATE, Xfce starter kits for e2k/e2kv4 will be made available to owners of "Elbrus" computer systems.

The range of starter kits in p10 is expanded with the release of updates that are delivered in a planned quarterly mode (with proper testing). Experimental builds may be found here and in similar subdirectories for other architectures.

Attention! It is important to note that starter kits for working with p10 are not distributions, as they do not contain neither finalized solutions, nor cohesive design; they just provide a base.


The Tenth Platform distribution solutions

Download images

Note: Distribution images are expected in autumn 2021.

System upgrade to the Tenth Platform

Please read the upgrade instructions carefully before upgrading your current system to the Tenth Platform. In case of difficulties, please do not hurry; ask a question on the mailing list or at our forum.

Known issues

General metabug for errors and feature requests related to the Tenth Platform: Template:Altbug

Package base



In regard to security updates, the repository support will end on 31 May 2024, but not earlier than half a year after the next platform (p11) is released. Support terms for products based on the Tenth Platform may differ.