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A part of ALT Starterkits project having a particular goal of making GNUstep environment readily available to those who wish to use it or just to have a closer look.

These hybrid LiveCD images include wide range of GNUstep apps and some Étoilé Project ones on top of SysVinit-based GNU/Linux system; two ISOs provided for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 hardware (the latter boot with UEFI as well).

GNUstep: Introduction page is well worth a read to know what to expect (or not). See also LWN announce.


See also Softpedia's review or raw pkglists OTOH.


Direct links: i586, x86_64, see also Starterkits page; these ISO files can be burned onto CD-R/RW media or written to USB flash drive using dd(1) (see also instructions); these should boot on more or less any PC starting from PII/K6 with 128M RAM (i586 versions) or AMD64-compatible one with BIOS or UEFI (x86_64 versions).

Predefined passwordless LiveCD logins: root and altlinux (graphical session starts automatically upon bootup).

One can choose locale with F2 on bootloader welcome screen; layouts are switched with Ctrl-Shift then.


Those wishing to install the OS permanently can use ALT Linux > Applications > System tools > Install to hard disk right-button desktop menu item.


You're welcome to subscribe to our mailing list to discuss anything related to these images.

The bugs (unless already known) should be filed against specific products, namely Regular (for gnustep image bugs) and Branch p8 (for package bugs).

Please file upstream bugs appropriately.