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This page is not finished yet and may lack substantial information.

x86_64 (~5 Гб)
i586 (~4.5 Гб)
RPi 3 instruction (in Russian)
RPi 4 instruction (in Russian)
e2k, e2kv4, e2kv5 (available upon request)

Simply Linux

Simply Linux — Simply Linux is a Tenth Platform based distribution produced by BaseALT Ltd.


Simply Linux is easy to install and user-friendly operating system that enables users to perform all of their day-to-day tasks without fearing viruses or wasting their time searching the Internet or stores for all the necessary software. Simply Linux is the operating system for everyone. It is easy to use, lightweight, functional and reliable.

Simply Linux project is the Linux OS adapted for the user. The project's idea is to interest the user with Free Software by showing the comfort and convenience of working with it.

The software suite includes more than 30 application software packages for most user needs as well as wide range of device drivers making peripherals use easier.

You can find license terms for the distribution here.

Supported hardware

Simply Linux 10 is released for the following hardware platforms:

  • x86 — 32-bit Intel and AMD processors;
  • x86_64 — 64-bit Intel and AMD processors;
  • aarch64 — 64-bit ARMv8-compatible processors;
  • e2k* — 64-bit Elbrus processors[1]; availability see below.
  • riscv64 — 64-bit RISC-V processors.


Simply Linux 10.0 distribution will be supported with security updates till (if not specified otherwise within provisioning terms):
  • December 31, 2024 but not before half a year after new version release (11.0).

Software versions as of release day


  • Xfce 4.16 desktop environment
  • Linux kernel 5.10.88
  • LibreOffice ("still")
  • Chromium 96 web browser
  • WINE 6.14.1 Win32 compatibility layer (x86 only)
  • GIMP 2.10.28 raster graphics editor
  • Inkscape 1.1 vector graphics editor
  • Systemd 249.7
  • Xorg 1.20.13
  • NetworkManager 1.32.12
  • Thunderbird 91.4.1
  • Audacious 4.1
  • Pidgin 2.14.3
  • VLC 3.0.16

Release date

December 30, 2021


These ISO images are hybrid, i.e. suitable for writing onto both DVD media and USB Flash sticks. Use dd utility to write an image onto a USB thumbdrive (the whole device, not a partition; e.g. /dev/sdb and not /dev/sdb1).

Attention! UNetbootin and UltraISO spoil the image instead of just writing it onto a flash drive, thus not recommended.

System requirements

Distribution Minimal RAM size Recommended RAM size Hard disk space
Simply Linux 10 1 ГБ 2+ ГБ 30+ ГБ
Simply Linux live 10 1 ГБ 2+ ГБ 20+ ГБ

Image flavours:

  • multiboot image with Install, Live and Rescue modes;
  • live image (installation possible either).
DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-10.0 (x86_64) | 5,1 GB
MD5 checksum: c1ece143e4d436b1fc836dd8224187a8
DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-live-10.0 (x86_64) | 1,8 GB
MD5 checksum: 9e542614f5a469650ca3d11eadeda12f
DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-10.0 (i586) | 4,5 GB
MD5 checksum: b61e3086aa5c495b9b2a02c0d6986af0
DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-live-10.0 (i586) | 1,7 GB
MD5 checksum: cd3387d24e1744bdc4c2cfa9b5ef370c

Images for aarch64 are also supported by Baikal-M.

DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-10.0 (aarch64) | 3,7 GB
MD5 checksum: e7777fcc75872f1c1af754aafeca90be
DVD.pngFlash.png slinux-live-10.0 (aarch64) | 1,6 GB
MD5 checksum: d7e2dd6e0cf31ac8c43bd1c82e40c3e0

Download filesystem image

Note: SD card image is preferred for installation on Raspberry Pi 4. File system image published for informational purposes only.
DVD.pngFlash.png Simply Linux 10 for Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 3 | 1,3 GB
MD5 checksum: ba2f84ebf087d22489ce8c2f0747af27

A filesystem image can be written for Raspberry Pi 4 following this guide (in Russian).

Download SD card images

DVD.pngFlash.png Simply Linux 10 for Raspberry Pi 3 and other ARMv8 | 1,3 GB
MD5 checksum: f41d00543865ec40ab68a03d3f724136
DVD.pngFlash.png Simply Linux 10 for Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 3 | 1,3 GB
MD5 checksum: 2874a1c4501994662035a31784d4e7ea

An SD card image can be written onto media following this guide (in Russian).

DVD.pngFlash.png Simply Linux 10 for HiFive Unleashed, Unmatched and QEMU riscv64 | 0,9 GB
MD5 checksum: 8122232c013554e7c866a3be53c7b0f7

Write in instructions are on the boards dedicated pages and QEMU: HiFive Unmatched, HiFive Unleashed, QEMU.

Before running in QEMU the img.xz image should be unpacked into img.

Get images Simply Linux 10 for Elbrus

Simply Linux 10 distribution kit for Elbrus is available upon written request of the equipment holders.

Workstations supported "Elbrus 401-РС" (e2k), "Elbrus 801-РС" (e2kv4) и "Elbrus 901-РС" (e2kv5), including multi seat variants. Work on a system with a processor "Elbrus-16С" (v6) checked.

Images are intended to be written to a flash drive using the script contained in them; also note [selection order of boot media] (in Russian).

The distribution kit is based on the Linux kernel 5.4.163.


See also


  1. [e2k third to fifth] (from 4С to 8СВ)