Configure SSHFS

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In order to get SSHFS and FUSE working on a default install of Alt Linux Desktop, you need to do a few minor changes to your systems configuration.

For these steps, you need to open a terminal window (Konsole) and log-in as the Root (or Super User) and, of course, install the SSHFS Fuse package from the ALT repositories.

Once you have installed the Fuse module and are logged in as Root, follow these steps:

1) Add /sbin to your command PATH

  • Type: PATH=$PATH:/sbin and press <ENTER>.

2) Probe for the Fuse module

  • Type modprobe fuse and press <ENTER>.

3) Configure Fuse to run when booting-up the system

  • Open up a console session by typing ALT-F2 and then type konsole in the command line. Press <ENTER>.
  • Type vi /etc/modules and press <ENTER>.
  • Type i to enter Edit mode and add the word fuse to a blank line within the file.
  • Press <ESC> to exit edit mode and then type :wq and press <ENETR>. This will save the changes you've made.

You will now be able to map network drives via SSHFS on your ALT Linux desktop.