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x86_64 (~5 Гб)
i586 (~4.5 Гб)
RPi 3 инструкция
RPi 4 инструкция
e2k, e2kv4, e2kv5 (available upon request)

Simply Linux

Simply Linux — Simply Linux is a Tenth Platform based distribution produced by BaseALT Ltd.


Simply Linux is easy to install and user-friendly operating system that enables users to perform all of their day-to-day tasks without fearing viruses or wasting their time searching the Internet or stores for all the necessary software. Simply Linux is the operating system for everyone. It is easy to use, lightweight, functional and reliable.

Simply Linux project is the Linux OS adapted for the user. The project's idea is to interest the user with Free Software by showing the comfort and convenience of working with it.

The software suite includes more than 30 application software packages for most user needs as well as wide range of device drivers making peripherals use easier.

You can find license terms for the distribution here.

Supported hardware

Simply Linux 10 is released for the following hardware platforms:

  • x86 — 32-bit Intel and AMD processors;
  • x86_64 — 64-bit Intel and AMD processors;
  • aarch64 — 64-bit ARMv8-compatible processors;
  • e2k* — 64-bit Elbrus processors[1]; о доступности см. далее.
  • riscv64 — 64-bit RISC-V processors.

Get images Simply Linux 10 for Elbrus

Simply Linux 10 distribution kit for Elbrus is available upon written request of the equipment holders. Workstations supported "Elbrus 401-РС" (e2k), "Elbrus 801-РС" (e2kv4) и "Elbrus 901-РС" (e2kv5), including multi seat variants. Work on a system with a processor "Elbrus-16С" (v6) checked .