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* [[ALT]] distributions
* [[ALT]] distributions
** [[Reviews]]
** [[Press|Reviews]]
* [[ALT Linux Team]]
* [[ALT Linux Team]]

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See also category:usage.

Gnome-applications-development.svg Sisyphus

  • Sisyphus
  • Stable branches
  • Services for developers:
  • Software developed in Sisyphus project:
    • hasher -- safe package building tool
    • gear -- managing RPM packages in git repositories
    • alterator -- system configuration framework
    • libshell -- a multi-chapter shell function library
    • /etc/net -- an iproute2 based network configuration subsystem
    • mkimage -- a tool for building images from RPM packages and image profile directory
    • mkimage-profiles -- a metaprofile with quite a few image building blocks and configurations (documented in Russian).