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There's a special site dedicated to downloading ALT distributions,; it focuses on those based on the latest stable branch (which is generally what one wants indeed).

Primary servers

These are toplevel locations, look for a current stable branch and images/ inside it, like p10/images:

Welcome to share!



  • distrib-coffee (France): http, ftp, rsync://


  • msu: http, rsync://
  • mephi: http, ftp, rsync://


  • http, ftp, rsync://

Stable branch starter kits

  • Starterkits form a collection of desktop/server oriented LiveCD, installer, and VM disk images

Beta versions

  • is where official distributions might get pre-released; we may publish alpha/beta images in directories which will become the official release locations in the process of rolling out a new stable branch, e.g. for workstation.

Regular builds

  • These weekly snapshots are based on our development repository which is considered "unstable" (as in "several nasty days and a few nvidia blow-ups a year") but is surprisingly reliable in its league. Welcome to test but please prefer starterkits or distributions for deployment.