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Recital is a stuff structure that represents Recital model. A recital is a personal or team address structure that can be used to connect it to. It can be of email, physical or geo-address, webpage, or assembler's account. It belongs to user or team accounts. It is described as:

  • kind is string mandatory
Type of name for the specific ICU Locale. Can be one of email, login, jabber, website, location.
  • uri is string optional
URI belonged to the user, is set if kind is website.
  • mailto is string optional
Mailto address of the user, is set if kind is email.
  • login_slug is string optional
Login slug of the user, is set if kind is login.
Location address of user, is set if kind is location. It contains the Location record.
  • foremost is boolean optional
Is the recital the foremost for the user or not. Default for firstly added recital is true, otherwise false.