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RE: "Most of the porting (of Cuneiform to Linux) was done by Jussi Pakkanen, with help from Keith Beaumont, Vincent Wagelaar and others."

I'm sorry that I can't help much with coding, as I'm not a program coder (digital language programmer) I'm more of a systems' analyst type. However, I'm very interested in this project, and am located in the USA in the state of California. If there is a team that wants to come together to market technical support for this software package, I could be the USA sales representative for the tech support team, and also, one of the beta testers for the software, IF - it had a Graphic User's Interface (GUI) package that went with it. By the time the team had it developed to where I could use it, they would know that the product was ready for the market, and that tech support income revenue could be started to flow their direction. I'm good at business administration also! Ha! Write me if you are interested: and put the word Linux in the Subject: heading line/blank. Here's hoping you have a Happy and Joyous Day and that I could make your life better than before you read this message! Dave