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what, where, how much

The whole repository including ISOs is at rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/ (you probably don't want all of that -- 581G by 2009-12-12); parts of it are updated roughly daily. There are also distinct parts specifically worth mirroring, namely latest stable release and current/unstable branch (Sisyphus). Overall picture is currently like this:

Latest stable release, "platform 5"


35Gb, static+updated; consists of:
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/p5/iso/ark/
8.0Gb, static between point releases
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/p5/iso/school/
8.4Gb — ditto
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/p5/branch/
47Gb (stable, i586+x86_64) — updates after QA from 5.1/branch

Old stable


112Gb, static+updated; consists of:
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/4.0/Desktop/
51Gb (4.0.[0123], i586) — static between point releases
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/4.0/Server/
45Gb (4.0.[01], i586+x86_64) — ditto
  • rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/4.0/branch/
30Gb (current, i586+x86_64) — "old stable", updated rarely by now

Its ISOs are here (included in the above):

4.4Gb, static between point releases
18Gb, ditto


rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/updates/ — ca. 4.8Gb as of 2009-12-12


rsync://rsync.altlinux.org/ALTLinux/Sisyphus/ — 57Gb as of 2009-12-12

TODO: add year-over-year growth rates observed, see archives


You might want to specificaly exclude known ancient (even if decent back then, e.g. Compact 2.3 and Master 2.4) — or too specific — parts of the archive, that is everything before 4.0 (including old/</tt).


  • Sisyphus mirror — an article in Russian, including scripts for daily snapshots