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In this How-To, you will see how you can import photos from your digital camera using the command line and the utility, gPhoto2.

For these steps, you need to open a terminal window and log-in as Super User.

1) Install gPhoto2

From the command line, switch to Super User mode:

 su -

Now install the gPhoto2 utility (if it is not installed on your system already):

 apt-get install gphoto2

Once the install is complete, you can exit out of Super User mode.

2) Import photos from camera

Plug in your USB digital camera into your PC, ensure that the camera is powered on, and change directory into the folder where you wish to store your photos from the camera. In this example, the photos will be stored in the Documents/Photos folder:

 cd Documents/Photos

Now, instruct gPhoto to download all of the photos from your camera into the folder on the PC:

 gphoto2 --get-all-files

All of the photos on your camera will now be transferred to the PC. gPhoto will inform you of each file that it finds and transfers:

 Saving file as APDC2945.JPG
 Saving file as APDC2946.JPG
 Saving file as APDC2947.JPG