ALT Linux 4.1 Children

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The distribution is intended for children's creativity — themselves or by the authority of the teacher — in the field of computer graphics and digital video. Basis of the distribution is a training course «Graphics, animation, video», along with software tools and multimedia materials necessary for carrying out the lessons. ALT Linux 4.1 Children also includes the famous GCompris suite for children under 10 years old, additional background and reference materials, and a small selection of computer games.

The distribution is a Live CD: it does not require installation on a hard disk, and is fully operational immediately after boot. A CD-ROM image for burning is available on ALT Linux web site (see the link below).




  1. The distribution is not intended to work on the network, hence it does not include network settings.
  2. The main training course and materials are in Russian only; KDE, GCompris and games are also available in English.

Download (686 Мб)

7e24e9331198b78066e2577ade20bb09 	altlinux-4.1.0_beta20081221-children-i586-live-cd.iso