ALT Linux 4.0

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ALT Linux distributions are developed and released by ALT Linux Ltd and several partners.

There are several ALT Linux 4.0 distributions tailored for different needs.

All ALT Linux 4.0 distributions are based on branch/4.0 (see below for details). Packages in branch/4.0 are updated in controlled and conservative manner, it can be used to update distribution or to install additional packages not present on installation medium.

Maintenance 4.0.x releases are regularly released, incorporating newer snapshots of branch/4.0.

ALT Linux 4.0 Server

Server GNU/Linux distribution with good virtualization support (OpenVZ). x86, x86-64.

Downloads: here.

ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop

Desktop GNU/Linux distribution. x86.

Downloads: here (note, 4.0.3 is not a regular release, but a kind of beta - do not use it in production).

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite

Desktop GNU/Linux distribution for older and less powerful computers. x86.

Downloads: here (see "Desktop" about 4.0.3).

ALT Linux 4.0 OfficeServer

Appliance-like server GNU/Linux distribution with Web-interface for configuration. x86, x86-64.

Downloads: here.

ALT Linux 4.0 Terminal

Terminal server solution. x86. Developed by Media Magic company.

Downloads: here.


branch/4.0 consists of APT repository.

APT source for sources.list (note that two repositories is required):

# x86
rpm i586 classic
rpm noarch classic
# x86-64
rpm x86_65 classic
rpm noarch classic