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Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications.


  1. To install docker, run:
    # apt-get install docker-ce
  2. If you want docker to work from user (not from root) add user to group docker
    # gpasswd docker -a USER_NAME
  3. Then start and enable docker service:
    # systemctl start docker
    # systemctl enable docker


Official image

Official ALT image locates at: Container could be run via:

docker run --rm -it alt

By default use tag latest, that points to latest stable release.

To specify sisyphus use corresponding tag:

docker run --rm -it alt:sisyphus

Derivative images

Special images are located at These images are built from Dockerfiles from (pull-requests are welcome).

There are images for the following purposes:

  • web servers nginx and apache2;
  • configuration storage etcd;
  • tools for running your applications: python and ruby;
  • and others.