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ALT Linux 7.0 Centaurus is a multi-purpose distribution for servers and workstations. The distribution includes Linux kernel (std-def). Users can choose between two desktop environments: MATE for workstations and FVWM as a minimalist environment for server administration.



Key features

  • A choice of configurations (i.e. web server, graphical desktop) during installation
  • A possibility to either set up an integrated network solution based on Kerberos/LDAP/Samba or to use only individual services
  • Installation of a variety of server and end-user solutions from a single disk
  • Facilitated deployment of diskless client networks

Release date and support cycle

Released: 1 July, 2013

End of support: (if other conditions are not agreed upon with the customer): 30 June, 2016, but not earlier than 6 months after the release of ALT Linux 8.0 Centaurus.

New in 7.0 release

  • Support for installation in UEFI mode (for 64-bit versions).
  • When setting up with the server profile selected, the SysVinit initialisation system is used, when setting up as a workstation, Systemd is used. The initialisation system can be changed during the selection of packages.
  • Support for IPv6 (including Etcnet and Alterator modules).
  • Implemented integration with pam_ccreds, which allows to comfortably use a computer that is connected to a domain outside that domain (can be switched on in System Management Center → Authentification).
  • Domain can be used to authentify Windows-based computers.
  • The package includes domain-integrated applications: mediawiki, owncloud, moodle that are available for optional installation.
  • Introduced support for installation on encrypted partitions (an unencrypted /boot partition is required) with LUKS.
  • Improved support for execution of 32-bit applications in 64-bit environment.
  • Implemented out-of-the-box support for the popular 1С accounting software (with the 1c-preinstall package).

Hardware requirements

  • Minimal installation (no software groups selected): 1,1 GB
  • Maximum installation (all software groups selected): 5,2 GB
  • Default disk partition configuration: 13 GB and more

Distribution formats

The distribution is available in builds for i586 and x86_64 CPU architectures in two formats:

  • DVD image with a choice of boot modes: installation, LiveCD, system rescue;
  • CD image with a LiveCD system.

It is possible to install a system within the LiveCD mode (using either DVD or CD image). However, LiveCD installation is only supported for workstations, and the selection of installable packages will be different from the one available when setting up a system in the "installation" mode from DVD.

All images are hybrid and can be recorded on either DVD disks or USB flash drives. It is recommended to use the dd utility to record the installation images on USB flash drives. In this case, the image should be recorded on the whole drive (/dev/sdb), and not on an individual partition (/dev/sdb1).

Download images

The following locations support both ftp:// and http:// access:


Image Description Size MD5
Файл:DVD.pngФайл:Flash.png altlinux-7.0.0-centaurus-x86_64-ru-install-dvd5.iso Hybrid installation DVD+LiveCD (x86_64), file list 3,5 GB 990cf4cfb2b07d01500040b7f202368e
Файл:DVD.pngФайл:Flash.png altlinux-7.0.0-centaurus-i586-ru-install-dvd5.iso Hybrid installation DVD+LiveCD (i586), file list 3,3 GB d2f014c2b1d3a9b831372ea7978b7524
Файл:DVD.pngФайл:Flash.png altlinux-7.0.0-centaurus-x86_64-ru-live-cd.iso LiveCD (x86_64), file list 817 MB badbe3cd9a44baf72e87b5abff8d18c5
Файл:DVD.pngФайл:Flash.png altlinux-7.0.0-centaurus-i586-ru-live-cd.iso LiveCD (i586), file list 693 MB fc58d371127e1e704bfa1686c4e83824


Desktop background images

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