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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
The screenshots are taken from the Russian wiki page; English localization of the interface is available, too.

<gallery perrow="4">
<gallery perrow="4">

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ALT Linux School 2009 (aka ALT Linux 5 School)

A set of ALT Linux distributions targetted at educational institutions:

  • ALT Linux 5.0.0 School Lite
  • ALT Linux 5.0.0 School Junior
  • ALT Linux 5.0.0 School Master
The current state is beta. The final release may contain siginificant changes from the current one.

Software overview

  • Linux kernel 2.6.30
  • XFCE 4.6.1 (ALT Linux 5.0.0 Lite)
  • GNOME 2.26 (ALT Linux 5.0.0 Junior)
  • KDE 4.3.0 (ALT Linux 5.0.0 Master)
  • GIMP 2.6.7
  • Scribus
  • Inkscape 0.47

Published versions

  • Beta: August, 27th, 2009

What's new (compared to the Free Software Suite-2008)

  • Up-to-date versions of most software included
  • Use GNOME desktop environment in ALT Linux Junior, KDE4 in ALT Linux Master
  • New lookout
  • Live CD allows you to install a system to your hard disc
  • ALT Linux Junior and ALT Linux Master contain additional software:
    • Dia
    • iTalc
    • iTest
    • KuMir IDE
    • Avidemux
    • Code::Blocks
    • Geany
    • FreeNX
    • recordmydesktop (qt/gtk, depending on the DE)
    • VirtualBox
    • YAGF (CuneiForm-powered OCR system with graphical interface)
  • In addition, ALT Linux Junior includes Anjuta 2, an IDE for GNOME


Only -ru- images are available at the moment. You can switch to the English interface (and go on with installation or running a LiveCD in English) by pressing F2 at the boot screen. Sorry for inconvenience.

Image Description Size MD5
ALT Linux Lite
school-5.0.0_beta-20090826-school-lite-i586-ru-install-cd.iso Install CD (i586), files list 654 Mb 2e096dbad9d2a15b9b55ec480fbf99e4
school-5.0.0_beta-20090826-school-lite-i586-ru-addon-cd.iso Additional CD (i586), files list 228 Mb a8a3b42934eef7b0e3cc7482f804f729
ALT Linux Junior
school-5.0.0_beta-20090826-junior-i586-ru-install-dvd5.iso Install DVD/Live CD (i586), files list 2,8 Gb bd9d2a918f9d6be60bda1b0990dd60a0
ALT Linux Master
school-5.0.0_beta-20090826-master-i586-ru-install-dvd5.iso Install DVD/Live CD (i586), files list 3,4 Gb 7d86d16be585e330c7805ae4a18e4c77

Software changes (compared to the Free Software Suite-2008)

  1. There's no Scilab in ALT Linux Lite.
  2. ClamAV antivirus is not included into ALT Linux Master. It is still available as part of ALT Linux Lite and ALT Linux Junior.
  3. SKF plugin for Squid is not available in this beta (if you don't know what it is, you don't need it).
  4. ALT Linux Junior uses GNOME as the primary environment, with File-Roller as the primary archiver.
  5. Instead of Quanta, Bluefish is added to ALT Linux Junior, Kate to ALT Linux Master.
  6. There's Code::Blocks instead of KDevelop in ALT Linux Junior and ALT Linux Master.
  7. Instead of KPDF, there's Evince in ALT Linux Junior, oKular in ALT Linux Master.

Known bugs

  1. No rescue mode yet
  2. No documentation
  3. Unfinished localization for any language except English
  4. No help for some parts of ALT Linux System Management Center
  5. Thunderbird doesn't open hyperlinks in e-mails
  6. No/wrong icons for some steps of installer
  7. Arrow and Fn keys on additional keyboard don't work in mc when using KDE.
  8. When switching to a tty, the keyboard layout switcher is being reset to Ctrl-Shift
  9. Konqueror doesn't show history properly
  10. Audacity doesn't read mp3 files out of the box
  11. The installation source menus does not operate
  12. Problems with non UTF-8 charsets in Zip-archives (including those created in other OSes)
  13. On some laptops, keyboard fails to work after Suspend to RAM
  14. No examples and empty Welcome page in Eclipse
  15. No way to install to hard disc in "LiveCD with sessions" mode
  16. The background doesn't scale when installing from a LiveCD
  17. memtest doesn't work from the boot screen
  18. In XFCE, there's no 'System Management Center' launcher in the menu


The screenshots are taken from the Russian wiki page; English localization of the interface is available, too.


You can discuss ALT Linux School 2009 in the English-speaking ALT Linux community list.