ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop

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ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop is a general purpose GNU/Linux distribution intended for use on desktop stations, laptops and netbooks.

Release Date

October 07, 2008




ISO Images Description

9398e957702d2a88f6b69db814d874d2  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-i586-install-cd.iso		Install CD (i586), 671 Mb
2f11f39645fe5b0ad6cecc3bc253e078  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-i586-install-dvd5.iso		Install DVD (i586), Live CD included, 4,3 Gb
2557f74141a6e218d467948646b1dc86  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-i586-live-cd.iso		Live CD (i586), 692 Mb
d14c5a9135dbe9b019d4862b15a23b95  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-i586-rescue-cd.iso		Rescue disk (i586), 75 Mb
e1310e9a6653c9e990d7c82ee650c103  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-x86_64-install-cd.iso		Install CD (x86_64), 694 Mb
84d87cd9f1e7b8f52e9b3b4babf3db7b  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-x86_64-install-dvd5.iso	Install DVD (x86_64), включает Live CD, 4,1 Gb
e97e522baac5b2342627880b6117d00d  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-x86_64-live-cd.iso		Live CD (x86_64), 707 Mb
59a3138ab5ae321ba99785405b47c434  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-x86_64-rescue-cd.iso		Rescue disk (x86_64), 77 Mb
c8a4a0e0d0451468b439f41e902d2f15  altlinux-4.1.0-desktop-i586-install-flash.img.gz	Live Flash, 1,8 Gb


Changes after ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Personal

  • Based on the new stable 4.1 repository branch
  • 2.6.25 kernel with wider hardware support
  • KDE 3.5.10 (GNOME 2.22 and XFCE 4.4.2 can be installed manually from DVD)
  • Firefox 3
  • NetworkManager allows to manage any network interface without root privileges
  • A new look of the System management center
  • Updated Bootloader and Display management modules
  • New management modules:
    • Create a bootable USB storage
    • A system proxy-server setup (apt also uses it)
    • An easy to use chooser of an updates repository
    • Package management
  • A flash media image so you can install from your USB flash drive (you can install to EeePC, too)
  • Cyrillic filenames inside Zip archives are not corrupted on Windows, and vice versa.
  • Kaffeine is used as default player of audio- and videofiles
  • KView is default image viewer
  • Updated and revised menu
  • Many programs with duplicate functionality removed:
    • Using Evince instead of KGhostView, KPDF, and KDVI
    • KuickShow and KMail are not installed by default; they are present on the media and can be installed manually
  • New applications:
    • Qtemu (Qemu with a GUI)
    • VirtualBox


You can change repository from 4.0 to 4.1 or add ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop CD/DVD as APT source (it's better to remove any 4.0-related repos), and run

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Update should be successful and should not break anything. Old settings should be actual.