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Downloads: [ 4.1.0]
Downloads: [ 4.1.0]
== Beta versions ==
There are some development/preview snapshots of new and old ALT Linux distros, available here:
* [ beta versions FTP]

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All ALT Linux 4.1 distributions are based on branch/4.1. As for the moment of 4.1 Desktop release, packages in branch/4.1 are updated rather actively, so the branch itself is not intended to be used to update your installation or to install additional packages, you should use updates/4.1 repository instead. However, it is the best source of packages for those who want to test beta-versions of the upcoming distros, as well as for those who'd like to create a distro of their own.

Currently, there's the only distribution released on this branch.

ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop

General purpose distribution for desktops, laptops, and netbooks. x86, x86-64.

Downloads: 4.1.0